Upgrade Your Chain

The Unsung Heroes of Neckwear 

We believe that a great chain can make or break a pendant's look. We believe that an amazing chain can and should be worn every day. A good chain is an unsung hero of neck jewelry, and changes a look immediately when correctly paired with a pendant. Our pendants are always paired with a chain... so why would you need another one? Our answer: why not! Chain itself shows your unique style - sparkly or antiqued; delicate or substantial; gold- or silver-toned - and paired with other chains or pendants, the options are endless! Gold and platinum do not tarnish, so these are great options for people who don't want to constantly be cleaning their pieces. And they hold their value over time, so they should be treated as an investment. 

Just like all of our other pieces, our chains are quality- and content-guaranteed. 

Because some of these chains are heirloom-level, and more expensive, we offer the following promotions:

  • Purchases over $150 get free shipping. In addition, 
  • Purchases $250-999 get a 10% discount
  • Purchases over $999 get a 20% discount

If you need advice on how to choose the right chain, submit a request for a quote to open up a dialogue, or just contact us directly. Unsure what length or size chain you need? Take a look at our Choosing the Right Chain guide.

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