Sizing for Rings and Tee Shirts

Measure before buying! Below you will find instructions for how best to measure to ensure the best fit for your purchase. 

Determining Your Ring Size

Click on the image below and download it to your computer. Print the file at 100% and then follow instructions! 

Determining Your Tee Shirt Size

Size charts will be shown on each tee shirt page, but our advice to get the very best fit for tee shirts is as follows: pull out your favorite tee shirt. Lay it on a flat surface and get a flexible measuring tape (like that used by tailors), or you can use a carpenter's measuring tape in a pinch. WITHOUT stretching the fabric of the shirt, but ensuring it is as flat as possible, measure across the chest, armpit to armpit. This is the best measurement to use when deciding which of our tees to purchase, because our tees are pre-shrunk and will only shrink by about 5%. So do not go up a size unless you like a baggy shirt.