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We want you to feel comfortable buying from us. If you are unhappy, or need questions answered, we are here to assist. First, please check below to see if your question has already been covered. If it is not, please complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Shipping Basics

Return and Refund Policies

100% Satisfaction Policy

Jewelry Care - Keep it Pretty!

Shipping Basics

We will usually ship within 1-2 business days if something is in stock. For custom orders, the expected turnaround time will be provided on the product page. This can range in time depending on the complexity of the piece.

You will receive email communication when the item(s) ships,  as well as a tracking number.  

We offer flat-rate shipping of $5 on all orders in the contiguous United States. Any order over $150 will ship free.  International orders will be charged the actual rate.  

Return and Refund Policy

If a piece is defective upon receipt, please contact us immediately for a free return and refund. You will be sent a return label. 

If the piece is not defective, but not what you thought it might be, you will receive a refund or a store credit (you choose) for the original price of the item (after deducting the cost for return shipping - a label will be provided for you). Store credits can be used for gift certificates for others, if you wish. If you believe the description was not accurate, please share your feedback at and we will provide you with free return shipping as a thank you for helping us make our listings more accurate. 

Please understand that photos on the internet can look different on everyone's screens, so while we do understand buyer's remorse, we believe a fair compromise is to provide a refund with a small shipping deduction. Please package the item the way it was shipped to you (as much as possible), print and attach the provided shipping label, and drop it off at your closest USPS location or box. If possible, get a receipt, so that you have proof of drop-off, but USPS will send us email when an item label has been scanned. 

100% Satisfaction Policy

We want our customers to come back time and again, so if there is something that you are not happy with, please reach out to us at and let us know how we can make it right.

We will also fix a piece if it has broken within a year of purchase unconditionally, but beyond that time, we would also like to know if there is any problem, and we will try to work with you to make it right. 

Contact Us

If for any reason you need to talk to us directly, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you by email or phone as soon as we possibly can. Like everyone these days, we are busy doing lots of things, but we will make the time to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Thank you for being here and being a customer! 

Jewelry Care - Keep It Pretty!

So, you just got your delivery and opened it up and you are thrilled to have it looking perfect. You put it on and you feel like the coolest person in the room! Over time, you notice your beloved piece isn't looking exactly the same as it was on Day 1. Maybe it has a little more tarnish than it used to (silver, brass, bronze) or maybe the patina has worn off in unexpected ways. 

The processes and materials that we use to make your beloved creations are as natural as possible, and patinas especially WILL change over time on most pieces. If you know that it is going to bother you, here are our suggestions for keeping that patina looking like it did on Day 1: 

Do not swim with it, either in a pool or in the ocean - chlorine, salts, even sand can affect the patina on your piece drastically. It can even cause some metals to pit, and that is something that can't be reversed. So, take it off and put it in a waterproof bag or leave it at home. 

Avoid getting personal care products on it - hair spray, lotions, perfume, etc will definitely affect that piece. 

Seal it with (something) - if you are really concerned about this, we can seal your piece (if it's not already sealed) using a resin plastic sealer or museum-quality wax. Over time, these will also wear off, but you will slow the process down quite a bit. You also have the option to seal parts or all of the piece using clear nail polish. Again, this can chip (and some will yellow, adding an unfortunate color to silver pieces, so keep that in mind!) over time so you may need to re-apply it. You can also use a beeswax polish, which again will rub off over time, but it is the most natural approach, and a traditional one. 

The downside of sealing is that the piece may or may not have the same finish qualities as it did before being sealed.

Please note: many pieces that we make out of copper, brass, or bronze are sealed by default before we list them for sale, because we want our patinas to hold up over time, and for the metal to not turn your skin black in the spot under the piece. While this isn't dangerous for most people, it's not an attractive look! Most silver and gold pieces are not sealed at all. If a piece is silver where it touches the skin, but other metals that do not contact the skin, the piece generally will not be sealed.