Choosing the Right Chain

Choosing a chain to hold your pendant should be easy.... right? As they say: it all depends. If you're seeking "just a standard chain," you'll probably be safe choosing an 18" chain, which is the length that we provide with some of our pendants. 

However, there are all kinds of chain lengths and styles to choose from. Some can be worn on their own because they are intricate and decorative. Some have more size and personality, and are meant to be worn as statement pieces in their own right (see the Flame and Cinder pendant as one example). The style and length of a chain should complement the pendant you are wearing (if any), and not overpower it. 

The graphic below shows a variety of chain lengths and where they would fall on a typical female neckline. Our shop will be offering some chain options for purchase separately from pendants, because we believe in helping people build their own styles. If you have a need for a particular length, style, or metal option, please contact us - we would be happy to find (or make!) exactly what you need! 


Chain length on typical female form