Browncoat Farms LLC

Browncoat Farms, Our Happy PlaceBrowncoat Farms is where all the magic happens, and is the parent company for LA Storm Designs. We are located in rural Virginia on a small farm encouraging and nurturing the health of people and natural systems using permaculture, ethical principles, waste minimization, and other sustainable living techniques.

We strive to live by these principles as much as possible in our lives and businesses:

  • use only renewable, reclaimed, reusable, and at the very least recyclable resources; 
  • respect all living beings equally, being a steward for those who have no voice of their own;
  • and encourage community, creativity, and acquisition of knowledge of all practical living skills (like soap making, food production, wood working, animal production, etc).

We are not perfect humans, yet we always strive to do better today than we did yesterday!