About Us - Sustainability and Stewardship

LA Storm Designs is a small boutique and bespoke metalsmith and jeweler located in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.

Jewelry Approach

We make mostly one-of-a-kind pieces built around a stone and high-quality metals. Our goal is to eventually source all of our stones from ethical sources, whether from small mines in the United States, auctions, or sustainably-sourced stones from abroad that take into consideration the livelihood of the miner and surrounding environment. All of our silver and gold is from recycled sources. Many of our stones currently are from recycled and reclaimed sources (no new mining) and from mines in the United States. 

Tee Shirt and Clothing Approach

We are also branching out into making tee shirts supporting concepts of permaculture, sustainability, and ecological regeneration. Some of the proceeds from these sales will go to support educational grants for folks to educate themselves on these concepts through workshops and courses. Tee shirts will all be printed in the United States, and made from materials like certified organic cotton, fabrics made from renewable plants (linen, hemp, bamboo, etc) and/or recycled plastics where appropriate. 

Packaging Approach

All of our packaging materials were chosen with the environment in mind, as well as supporting small and green businesses in the United States. We use all recycled/recyclable paperboard boxes, recycled/recyclable paper padded envelopes, recycled/recyclable poly envelopes with double adhesive strips that can be reused for returns or for your own next shipment. Our labels are made from 100% recycled paper, and depending on the situation, recyclable backing paper as well. (some packages need high-stick adhesive to make sure it gets to you, and these do not have recyclable backings)

If we can accommodate a special request for you (whether for jewelry or sustainable clothing), please contact us and let us know! Many of our pieces can be made in your ring size, if we do not currently have it in your size. 

Thank you for supporting a small US business!